The Highest Quality Products for the One’s You Love.

We really care about what goes into Carbon60 Pet products because our pets use them everyday.

  • Manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility.

  • Products have the Good Manufacturing Practices Seal.

  • All Products are Made in the U.S.A.

“My 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier’s rear legs shaked when standing, after 1.5 months, the shakes were gone and Apache’s energy has gone way up ”

Kelly Hubbard

Carbon60 Pet Frequently Asked Questions

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No, Carbon60 is a natural occurring molecule that is blended in olive oil and has tons of health and wellness benefits for your dogs and cats.
Yes, a famous study done in 1992 in Paris proves Carbon60 has longevity properties along with a variety of other benefits for animals.
Because it’s not a drug, Carbon60 Pet can be given to your cats or dogs everyday for the rest of their lives.
Our Carbon60 or C60 is manufactured in an FDA registered facility and all products have the Good Manufacturing practice seal.
Because your pets health starts early and it’s been proven safe, it been developed for cats and dogs at least 1 years or older+
Carbon60 is ideal for older cats and dogs and will help them live longer with less pain and more energy.  C60 has been proven to extend the life of mammals in clinical trials.
Carbon60 or C60 and CBD have very similar natural properties to help your pet but the big difference is Carbon60 provides increased longevity & energy which CBD product do not.
For younger dogs and cats, we recommend only 1 dosage per day. As your pet enters the last few years of their estimated life, you can give them Carbon60 pet twice daily to help with longevity.

If you have any other questions about Carbon60 Pet, please contact us today.

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