Carbon60 Pet Helps Increase Energy, Longevity, & Joint Health for Your Pets!

Bring New Life to Your Dog or Cat!

The main ingredient in Carbon60 Pet, Carbon 60 or C-60 is clinically proven to provide your dog or cat with increased energy and vitality, joint & pain relief, improved coat, and most importantly- Longevity. Similar to CBD oils, Carbon-60 is an amazing molecule that can help your companion enjoy their later years and make the most of them when younger.

C-60 is a also a powerful antioxidant scientifically proven to increase the lifespan of certain mammals like dogs & cats. The C-60 molecule is fragile so we infuse it in high quality olive oil. C-60 is purported to reduce the effects of aging and oxidation, increase lifespan, provide joint relief, reduce pain and inflammation, and so much more.

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Carbon 60

Helps Your Pet Live a Happier & Healthier Life!

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Carbon 60 Pet Helps Your Pet Live More Life!

“We’ve been using Carbon60 Pet for 3 months and see a significant increase in our dogs energy”

Lenora Christensen

“Our 8 year old cat has a new pep in his step and it seems to be reducing his back leg pain.”

Stuart Thompson

“I’m not sure if it was designed for this but my 10 year old french bulldog stopped getting head seizures after 1 week.”

Juliet Chen

Increased Vitality and Longevity for Your Dog or Cat!

Rejuvenate with the amazing power of C-60,  scientifically proven to be 170 times more powerful than Vitamin C.

Clinical findings show that the C-60 molecule is not only non-toxic, it increases the lifespan of rats in that experiment by over 50%.  The most prominent study regarding carbon-60 is the Paris Baati study.

Along with longevity properties, Carbon-60 has a high affinity for mitochondrial and cellular membranes.  Studies have shown it appears to help protect & assist both of these structures which are integral to the lifespan of your pets cells.

Because your dog or cat is like family, we ensure the highest quality manufacturing with a human grade formula, certifications, & processes.